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    De Roos Advocaten started in 2011, as a service minded, creative and ambitious law firm. Since the beginning our firm focuses on innovators: organisations in the tech, online and creative sectors. Our culture reflects the culture of our clients. Fast, ambitious and honest. Our attorney-at-laws are easily accessible, transparent, and they understand the business. Legal thoroughness is one of our top priorities. We are at our best when rules have not (yet) been updated to the social reality. This is the point where our sharp analyses, comprehensible language and simplicity deliver the results our clients are looking for.


    The legal sector is changing. The robotisation of the legal profession and the innovations of legal tech start-ups, are influencing the way law firms work. We love these changes and believe they will mostly have a positive impact on the legal sector in terms of accessibility, transparency and a more user-centred way of working. In our innovative ambitions we focus on the automation and visualisation of legal services and the modernisation of legal firm management. At the moment we focus on Legal Design and a platform that makes setting up Stock Appreciation Rights-Plans easier and more interactive. Read more...

    Modern management

    The management of our firm is influenced by the ideas of Ricardo Semler. Our organisation is based on trust, self-management and participation. Our self-managing teams and transparency create a culture where the whole team feels invited to come up with ideas and is involved in the making of strategic plans.

    Want to talk?

    Our specialised attorney-at-laws are always available for a first consultation, without obligations. Interested in discretely dicussing your legal issue? Contact us now.