Legal design

Legal design is the communication of legal information by using human-centred design methods. Legal design makes complex information accessible to all parties involved. Our firm focusses on visual contracts and legal (info)graphics.

Visual contracts

Visual contracts are user-centred contracts, made accessible by the use of visuals, icons or infographics. These visual elements turn unattractive contracts full of legal jargon into documents that are easy to understand. When visualising contracts all parties involved know what they have agreed upon. Not only the legal advisors, but also the founders, employees, distributors, producers or investors. We developed an icon language for commercial contracts. Visual contracts that we often make for our clients are a.o.: one-pager Term Sheets, contracts for Stock Appreciation Rights and Privacy Policies.

Legal graphics

In our litigation practice we make use of legal graphics to provide insight in complex relations between parties. Visuals and legal graphics are a non-liniair way of communicating information. They therefor are the perfect tool to clarify agreements, events and actions where many parties are involved over a longer period of time.

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