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    Jangiman Ali
    Office Assistant

    Jangiman Ali  works as an office assistant at De Roos Advocaten. Jangiman is from Kobani, Syria. She is studying Legal Administration. She has completed her Dutch language c...

    Boris von der Assen

    Boris von der Assen is specialized in corporate law, media and IP law. In 2010 he graduated in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam and began his career at Van Kaam...

    Kiran Balak

    Kiran Balak has been working at the corporate law section of De Roos Advocaten since 2021. At De Roos Advocaten she – inter alia – works on corporate law cases such as adv...

    Max Bierkens
    Legal Associate

    Max Bierkens is specialized in corporate law. Max began his legal career at Loyens & Loeff where he focused on corporate M&A and co...

    Annemarie Bloemen

    Annemarie Bloemen has been a privacy attorney-at-law for the last 15 years. She advises her clients about privacy law in the broadest sense– from the smallest ques...

    Sietske de Boer

    Sietske de Boer graduated in 2020 from VU University with a the Master’s degree in Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT Law. Her thesis was about the protection of minors...

    Martijn van Boxel
    CFO & CTO

    Martijn van Boxel is the CFO and CTO of De Roos Advocaten. He is responsible for all finance and IT related processes, furthermore he acts as the right hand of the CEO. He al...

    Bas Dijkmans van Gunst

    Bas Dijkmans van Gunst is specialized in IT law. He started his career in 2016 at Van Doorne, where he specialized in IT law and litigation. As of 2022 Bas is working for De R...

    Pieter-Paul Elion

    Pieter-Paul Elion advises and assists growth companies and investors regarding investment rounds, corporate M&A deals, commercial contracting and structuring employee par...

    Milad Feroegh

    Milad Feroegh is a corporate law attorney. Milad started his career in 2017 at Loyens & Loeff where he has gained experience in the investment management and litigation se...

    Loek Foster

    Loek Foster’s area of expertise is data protection and privacy law. He advises clients on a variety of legal aspects related to data protection. This may vary between drafti...

    Sanne Gerick

    Sanne Gerick completed the master’s degree Private Law at the University of Amsterdam in 2...

    Laura van Gijn

    Laura van Gijn is attorney-at-law specialized in intellectual property law. In 2007 she started her career at Klos Morel Vos & Schaap (at the time ranked as Chambers Ban...

    Stefanie Hakkesteegt

    Stefanie Hakkesteegt graduated from the University of Amsterdam. She completed an honours bachelors degree (cum laude) in Law and a master’s degree in Civil Law. Prior to st...

    Roy van den Heuvel

    Roy van den Heuvel is part of the Financial Innovation team within De Roos Advocaten. Before joining De Roos Advocaten, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Law and Mana...

    Suzanne Hiemstra

    Suzanne Hiemstra is specialised in privacy law and works in the information law team. She advises clients about various privacy matters and converts these advises in transpare...

    Danny Hoekzema

    Danny Hoekzema is a privacy attorney. He advises organizations on a wide range of privacy legislation, including privacy programmes, data breaches and contacts with privacy au...

    Eva Kempenaar

    Eva Kempenaar is specialized in financial and corporate law. Prior to joining De Roos Advocaten she worked for five years at Loyens & Loeff, where she also specialized in...

    Sanne Knopper

    Sanne Knopper is attorney-at-law specialized in privacy law and intellectual property law. Before she joined De Roos Advocaten, Sanne worked as a legal assistant and attorney-at-law at...

    Jessica Koolhaas

    Jessica Koolhaas has worked as attorney-at-law at De Roos Advocaten since 2017 and specializes in corporate law. Her clients vary from start-ups and scale-ups to larger compan...

    Maarten Landkroon
    Of counsel

    Maarten Landkroon started his career in 2005 at Stibbe as Corporate and M&A attorney-at-law in Amsterdam and New York. Thereafter Maarten was for years responsible for all...

    Harun Korosso
    Legal assistant

    Harun Korosso started his career in 2010 in Oromia, Ethiopia as a prosecutor and then worked as an all-round attorney for six years. Sometimes he provided free...

    Christel Loosen
    Finance & Executive Assistant

    Christel Loosen is working as a Finance & Executive Assistant at De Roos Advocaten since January 2021. She has gained her work experience in various branches and different...

    Beatrice Munnichs
    Operational Manager

    After a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Beatrice Munnichs obtained her Master’s Degree Marketing at VU University of Amsterdam. Before she joined De Roos Advo...

    Rik Nierop

    Rik Nierop is an attorney-at-law in the Information Law department, specialised in intellectual property.

    Rik advises on the protection of creative achievements (source...

    Sophie Oosterkamp

    Sophie Oosterkamp is attorney-at-law specialized in Corporate Law at De Roos Advocaten. She completed her Master’s degree in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam a...

    Cornélie den Outer

    Cornélie den Outer is attorney-at-law specialized in corporate law. She started her career at Houthoff, where she specialized in corporate litigation. Now she works in the c...

    Kristel Plug

    Kristel Plug is an attorney-at-law specialised in Intellectual Property Law and Privacy. Kristel completed her Master’s degree Information Law at the University of Amsterda...

    Merle Pieters

    Merle Pieters is part of the Corporate Law team at De Roos Advocaten. She finished her bachelor&...

    Marieke Pols

    Marieke Pols is attorney-at-law specialized in corporate law. She started her career in 2016 at NautaDutilh, where she specialized in corporate M&A and venture capital. N...

    Soshja Prass

    Soshja Prass is attorney-at-law specialized in corporate law. She works in the corporate law team of De Roos Advocaten, where she focuses on acquisitions, investment rounds...

    Liz de Rijke

    Liz de Rijke is specialized in financial law. Liz joined De Roos early 2021 as part of the corporate team, where she gained experience in assisting and advising growth compani...

    Willem Röell

    Willem Röell specialises in financial markets regulation. He advises all kinds of financial undertakings on a broad range of regulatory matters, including licensing, conduct...

    Philip de Roos

    Philip de Roos is a corporate law attorney and founder of De Roos Advocaten. He began his legal career at Stibbe, thereafter at Google and specialized in corporate law. Philip...

    Bas van de Scheur

    Bas van de Scheur is an employment law specialist. After obtaining his Ph.D. in European law at the European University Institute in Florence, Bas specialised in employment la...

    Sarah Schokker

    Sarah Schokker specializes in corporate law and focuses in particular on acquisitions, investment rounds, (re)structuring of companies and employee participations schemes.

    Olivier Schotel

    Olivier Schotel is a corporate and commercial litigator at De Roos Advocaten. He advises and litigates on corporate law issues, including shareholder disputes, post-M&A d...

    Maud Slaghek

    Maud Slaghek has been working as an attorney-at-law at De Roos Advocaten since September 2020. She mainly specializes in privacy law and employment law. In the field of

    Nerea Slebos Perez

    Nerea Slebos Perez works within the Financial Innovation team of De Roos Advocaten. She focusses on financial regulatory law and advises financial undertakings in areas such a...

    Joni Uhlenbeck

    Joni Uhlenbeck is the CEO of De Roos Advocaten. Her participative management style is inspired by the principles of Ricardo Semler of Transparancy, Trust, and Self-Managing t...

    Bas van Voorst

    Bas van Voorst is a member of the dispute resolution department, where he advises and litigates in disputes in the field of corporate and contract law. Previously, he worked a...

    Angie Zapata
    Finance & Office assistant

    Angie obtained her bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Politics in Colombia. During her studies she did an internship at The General Consulate of Colombia in Mi...

    Robert de Vries

    Robert de Vries is a corporate law attorney. He started his legal career in 2014 at NautaDutilh, where he gained extensive legal experience, mainly in the field of financial l...

    Maurits van Zoest

    Maurits van Zoest is specialised in corporate & commercial litigation. He started his career as an attorney-at-law in 2010 at Loyens & Loeff. He worked there for more...

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