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    Corporate Law

    Corporate Law includes many aspects of the law that companies (BVs, NVs and cooperatives) deal with. Our corporate attorney-at-laws are trained at offices where they worked on many (international) transactions, mergers and acquisitions. At De Roos Advocaten, the attorney-at-laws are involved in managing investments rounds, on the part of the entrepreneur and the investor alternately. They set up employee participation schemes helping entrepreneurs to attract and retain talented employees and they help companies with founding, collaboration and structuring.

    Employee participation

    Access to and retention of talent is a continuous concern of our clients. We understand that they must always offer the right employee value proposition. That is how we offer customized participation schemes. In this way, our clients can rest assured that key employees become and remain involved with their organization. We have extensive experience with certification, non-voting shares, stock options, stock appreciation rights, bonus arrangements and more.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Our clients stand out because of their ambitions and growth potential. It is important for them to manage their growth in the right direction, we assist them by leaving no loose ends. In this way, we ensure that the value of their organization grows. We managed buy-ins, buy-outs and exits. We supervise mergers and acquisitions and we see to it that they succeed. We are dealmakers and we are proud of that.


    Access to the right kind of capital is essential for every organization. We know the financing needs of our clients. We advise with the appreciation of the financing partner. And we ensure that the conditions are properly secured. We have gained extensive experience with convertible notes, seed capital, friends & family rounds, growth and venture capital, crowdfunding, trust agreements, bank financing and more.


    Our clients do not like unnecessary memos or unnecessarily complex structures. We know that an optimal structure is linked to each phase of life of an organization. Tax considerations, foreign expansion and financial reporting obligations play a role in these types of structures. We have helped our clients with (IP) holding structures, companies’ relocations, conversions of partnerships, fiscal entities and more.


    We work for investment companies and know the investor landscape. Not only do we know the interests and expectations from the investors, but also from the company. This makes that we can guide our clients towards successful investments. Often for multiple investment rounds. We speak the language of Silcon Valley, but we keep an eye open on the local customs.

    Founding & Cooperation

    We advise at the earliest stage on the form of cooperation that is the best structure for our clients. We first search for a business model, the relevant market and the personalities within the organization. Then our legal expertise follows, and we establish collaborations. And after the founding of a company, we continue to support: in this way, we have helped countless organizations with shareholders agreements, joint venture agreements, and participations. Inland and abroad.

    Commercial contracts

    We set up contracts for our clients and their cooperation with suppliers, developers, service providers, customers and users. The contracts aimed at tech and online are our favourites. For example, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and User Agreements. No standard texts, but specific agreements that do justice to the situation.

    Want to talk?

    Our specialised attorney-at-laws are always available for a first consultation, without obligations. Interested in discretely dicussing your legal issue? Contact us now.