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    Employment Law

    As a business owner, you automatically have to deal with employment law, whether you have 5, 50 or 500 people working in your organization. We advise companies on all aspects of employment law, including a proper employment contract, balanced severance arrangements, employee disputes and co-determination.

    The employment contract

    The employment agreement forms the basis of a successful cooperation with your staff. The choices you make at the beginning of the relationship work throughout the employment journey and even affect how you will eventually part ways. Apart from the choice between an employment and an independent contractor agreement, you will have to think about protecting intellectual property and sensitive business information from competition. We tailor the agreement to your business, avoiding unnecessary legal jargon.

    Did you know that your employment agreement can drive sustainable choices and foster social awareness? At De Roos, for example, we use the Green Employment Agreement: extra holidays for travelling by train instead of airplane, a higher travel allowance for emission-low commuting, or a day off to allow for volunteering or demonstrating. With sustainable employment conditions, your organisation can make an impact with each new hire.

    Retaining talent

    The Netherlands, just as much of Western Europe, is dealing with a tight labour market on which companies compete for talent. It cannot be taken for granted that your employees will stay with you for life. Providing a stimulating work environment and offering competitive terms and benefits will be the company’s primary tools for retaining talent. Whether it be bonus conditions, flexible working hours or employee participation, we can tailor to your needs to create a benefits package that will help you win the war for talent on the labour market.

    Protection of company interests

    As an entrepreneur, you don’t want your good ideas to end up with your competitors. It is therefore important that the know-how, strategies and methods developed within your company are well protected. You do this by making proper agreements in the employment contract and again when the employee leaves. We are specialists in drafting and enforcing obligations in respect of non-competition, non-poaching, confidentiality and the intellectual property.

    Employee disputes

    Sometimes things do not work out the way you envisaged. A dispute with an employee over pay, performance or a non-competition clause takes time and energy and distracts you from doing business. An employment dispute will have an impact on the individual as well. We advise on the client’s legal position and agree on a strategy together. Preferably, this leads to an amicable solution. If not, we will defend the client’s interests in court.

    Employment law in transactions

    Employment law plays an important role in mergers and acquisitions. We have extensive experience in employment law due diligence, transfer of undertaking, and co-determination. Our employment attorney-at-laws work seamlessly with the corporate law team and other areas of expertise.

    Want to talk?

    Our specialised attorney-at-laws are always available for a first consultation, without obligations. Interested in discretely dicussing your legal issue? Contact us now.