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    De Roos Advocaten has broad experience with litigation. We advise clients on corporate- and contract law, corporate governance, directors liability and restructuring & insolvencies. We prevent and resolve disputes and conduct proceedings. If necessary, we can also impose prejudgements or execution attachments.

    Corporate Governance (shareholder disputes)

    These disputes concern for example impasses within the general meeting of shareholders, the board or the investors about the policy to be pursued by the company. Subjects of these matters can be profit distribution, management remuneration, or a change of course of the company.

    Insolvency & Restructuring

    We assist clients who are in financial difficulties. We help the client for example with a restructuring to prevent a bankruptcy and to come to a solution together with the curator.

    Failed partnerships

    We assist clients when there are disputes in the context of intended or completed transactions and agreed collaborations. This may include, claims arising from the termination of negotiations or claims brought for breaches of guarantees, non-competition clauses or exclusivity provisions.

    Directors liability

    Another source of disputes is the liability of the management or commissioners due to maladministration. We help clients to hold a director severally liable or to defend themselves against an (unjustified) complaint.

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