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    We like to add our part for a more social and healthier world. There is still a lot to do in this area and we are constantly looking at how we can make our efforts bigger or better. At the moment we are doing the following:

    Legal advice

    We support organisations working for a more sustainable, equal world where people can live comfortably and can grow with their opportunities. Our support exists of working pro bono for foundations focused on the environment (The Plastic Soup Foundation), equal opportunities (Doctors Without Borders and Corporate Queer) and education and culture (Vincent Mock, Hack your Future and the Universiteit van Nederland). We also advice for-profit organizations that focus on a sustainable and more equal world. Depending on the situation in which the start-up company finds itself, we advise pro bono or at a reduced rate.

    Planting Trees

    To contribute to the fight against climate change, we plant a tree for every hour that we bill. These trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects in Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique and Nepal.  

    Deforestation is a global problem and we desperately need these trees to absorb the co2 in the air. Furthermore are forests very important for the living enviroment of animals, they provide clean (drinking)water, prevent erosion and flooding and ensure that the soil is replenished with nutrients for agriculture. It is all very important. All the worse for the fact that somewhere in the world, a football field’s worth of forest disappears every two seconds. 

    For this we cooperate with Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden Projects employs locals from the deforestation-affected regions and makes them representatives of the forest regeneration process. This ‘employ to plant’ method not only gives them a chance to get out of poverty, it also ensures that they are being educated in planting trees and the importance of the forest for the environment. Apart from the positive impact on the environment, this method also has a positive impact on the socio-economic sphere. Eden Projects’ ambition is to plant 500 million trees a year within five years.

    Work experience places for status holders

    Various status holders gained work experience with us. With work experience on your CV and a reference in your pocket, the chances of finding a new job are a lot bigger. We gladly help with the first step into the Dutch labour market. Ideally, we would like to keep these status holders at the workplace with us for the long term, provide them with a good (legal) education and help them grow. It is clearly a win-win situation; work experience, income and professional grow for some and the help of various insights and experiences that strengthen the office. We find this group through, among others, the municipality of Amsterdam (status holder with a legal background), Welcomeapp and Account Your Future. We would love to share our experiences, please contact Joni about this.  

    Conscious consumption and travel

    Everything we buy we do consciously and with an eye for people, the environment and local entrepreneurs. A couple of examples; our tea is from Frank about Tea, we buy promotional gifts at Project CeceShopLikeYouGiveADamm, O My Bag, Studio Jux or restaurants in Amsterdam-Noord and  we buy our toilet paper at The Crappy Planet.

    Furthermore have we decided to stop eating meat at the office, we do not fly for work anymore and give out travel allowance for bicycles (why compensate the travel expenses for a car but not for a bicycle?).

    Want to talk?

    Our specialised attorney-at-laws are always available for a first consultation, without obligations. Interested in discretely dicussing your legal issue? Contact us now.