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    Danny Hoekzema

    Danny Hoekzema is a privacy attorney. He advises organizations on a wide range of privacy legislation, including privacy programmes, data breaches and contacts with privacy authorities (such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority). In addition, Danny regularly assists organisations with ad hoc privacy issues, such as responding to requests for access from data subjects and complying with data demands of investigative authorities.

    From previous work experience at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Danny has specific knowledge of the mobility sector. In this context, Danny regularly advises companies that are active in the charging market (CPOs and eMSPs) and maintains contacts with relevant industry associations (such as the Dutch Organization for Electric Transport) and start-up programmes (such as Mobility Lab). Danny also advises on the obligations of public authorities under the General Data Protection Regulation.

    Before Danny started at De Roos, he worked at various ministries and the Dutch embassy in France. Danny speaks French fluently. In addition, Danny is a member of the Privacy Law Association, the Dutch Association for AI Law and a board member of the association Young Privacy Lawyers Netherlands.

    Danny won the “Gouden Zandloper” for ‘Young Talent 2020’.

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